Monday, March 31, 2008

Daylily: Jumbo Shrimp

Trimmer 2003; evergreen tetraploid

This daylily really does remind me of large shrimp! It's the perfect handle for it. Lovely ruffles. Pod difficult for me, and pollen fertile. Hardy in my garden.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Daylily: J T Davis

Grace 2001; evergreen tetraploid

I wanted this daylily when I first became interested in hybridizing. It was not readily available in Canada at that time, and I was able to discover excellent sources in the US for this and other daylilies that I had my eye on. Very pleased with J T Davis, which always has a consistent bloom with wax like substance. It is pod and pollen fertile, although I have not been highly successful with maturation of seeds due to it's late bloom period.

Daylily: Rachel Lambertson

Lambertson 2005; semi evergreen tetraploid

New to my garden in 2007, Rachael Lambertson put on a lovely display. I enjoyed the bloom which was very similar to the hybridizer's photo which had attracted me to it in the first place. Hoping that it makes it safely through the winter.

Daylily: Joan Senior

Durio 1977; evergreen diploid.

A pale yellow older evergreen diploid which I've grown for many years. I've always enjoyed it's bright face in the garden. The seeds it produces seem to be larger than many of the other diploid seeds I've seen.

Daylily: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Grace Smith 2004; semi evergreen tetraploid.

I can't say enough about this daylily. It has wonderful substance and presence, with a large beautiful diamond dusted bloom and glittering metallic edge. It's name is very suited. It has survived several winters in my garden in a protected spot, and has been very pod and pollen fertile. I've really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.

Daylily: Ida's Magic

Munson 1988; evergreen tetraploid.

A tried and true older cultivar, I had to have this one in my garden.

Daylily: How Are Ya

Shooter 2001; dormant tetraploid.

Received as a bonus in 2007. Was able to make a few crosses with it.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Attraction Of Daylilies

What is it about daylilies that people are so passionate about? There are many reasons, and I will mention just a few.

The attraction of daylilies is multifaceted. First of all, the daylily is a wonderful garden plant. It blends beautifully with other plants and flowers, or even in a bed of it's own. It comes in many sizes, shapes and colors, and is generally very hardy. There are so many wonderful characteristics, and too many to mention in this short post.

It is easily hybridized, appealing to the creativity in those that want to discover the undiscovered...a new and unique hybrid. It offers that wonderful sense of anticipation while awaiting those first flower openings, somewhat like the anticipation of awaiting the birth of a new life.

It also offers an entrepreneurial opportunity for some who may become involved in hybridizing for the sale of seeds, seedlings, or new cultivars, and as well as sales of divisions of already existing plants. The neat thing about daylilies is that they continue to grow and produce new fans, which can then be divided to produce numerous plants of the same cultivar.

These are the three reasons top reasons that I find daylilies so much fun. Add to this the competition of aquiring new crosses or cultivars on the Lily Auction, and that pretty well sums it up for me:).


Rice 2004; semi evergreen tetraploid.

This daylily has a spectacular eye. It is also pod and pollen fertile. I really enjoy this one. Will have upcoming seedlings in several years.


Griesbach-Klehm 1979; dormant tetraploid.

I've written about this daylily in a previous post. It was my first tetraploid and hybridizing subject, and since it is so extremely fertile, made the experience a very positive one. It still is one of the best producers of large fat seeds for me. It also provides the hardiness element to many of my crosses. I also love the coral color and the older form it displays.

Heavenly Pink Fang

Gossard 2004; dormant tetraploid.

Pretty toothy pink daylily. It was a little smaller than I expected, however put on a nice toothy display fairly consistently. Also seems to be easily fertile both ways in this garden.

Heart Of Darkness

Dougherty 1996; dormant diploid.

An older diploid daylily that made a few pods which did not mature, so basically has not been pod fertile for me.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Halloween

Salter 2005; semi evergreen tetraploid.

This daylily is well named, as it looks like it belongs in a Halloween and black, and very gothic looking. When I first saw this flower I was amazed at the metallic golden guilded tentacles. I wished that I could capture with the camera the details that I was actually observing .It is worth having a look at this one in person. Fertile both ways for me.

Green Mystique

Stamile 2002; Evergreen tetraploid.

I like the color of this daylily.It has the popular green tint that is trendy these days in daylilies. Not exactly a green edge, but rather a green overlay. I've always liked this color in my other flowering garden plants as well...a type of chartreuse coloration. This daylily was not easily pod fertile, however once I was able to finally set a pod, it seemed to be more receptive to pollen after that.

Grape Velvet

A hardy diploid that was crossed with Lavender Blue Baby this summer. Diploids have half the chromosomes of tetraploid daylilies, and the ones in my garden tend to have finer features than my tetraploids. I love the velvety appearance of Grape Velvet, and hope for seedlings with a pretty eye from my crosses.

Grandma's Smile

Absolutely beautiful daylily. Large pink consistently attractive blooms. Love this daylily and made many crosses with it this past summer.

Golden Tentacles

As the name suggests, this is a beautiful golden quilded and tentacled daylily, with great substance and diamond dusting. I have many seedlings from it. Hopefully will get some to bloom this year or next. I'm very excited about these crosses!

Glory In Red

Although red is not my favorite color in the garden, I was very pleased to have received this daylily as a bonus last year, from two separate sellers none the less! I will look forward to hybridizing with it, as it is my only red daylily at this point.

Ghost Of Thunder Road

Very nice dark burgundy by Curt Hanson. I've crossed it with Eight Miles High and Love For Jesus, so should get some toothy seedlings from these crosses.

Front Porch Swing

Beautiful daylily with a really cool name. It was grown in a pot last summer and brought in for the winter, so I'm not sure of it's hardiness in my garden. Fertile both ways for me.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Freudian Slip

This daylily has wonderful brilliant color and great form.Very hardy in my garden, and pod and pollen fertile as well.

French Confection

Pretty daylily, although the blooms were not consistent, and often had splotches on them. Perhaps more vulnerable to thrips here in my garden. Fertile for me.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Emma's Song

Absolutely love the delicate appearance of this flower. Fertile for me and very photogenic:).

Elegant Candy

Although hardy in this zone 5 garden, the blooms of Elegant Candy have not been consistent for me. I'll give it one more year to show it's better side.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Planted in a pot in 2007 and brought in for the winter, I'm uncertain of hardiness in zone 5 at this point. Plan to plant it out in the garden this spring. Eleanor Roosevelt has a pretty orange flower.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Eight Miles High

I have to admit, I am impressed by the presence of this daylily. Very large bloom, great substance, and different from other dark burgundys in my garden. Another one that was new in 2007, and it still made an impression, although and it barely demonstrated any of it's famous toothy edge. Apparently toothy edges are much more prominent in the heat.

Dress Blues

Another newbie to my garden in 2007, it did not have nicely formed blooms, and only produced a couple of blooms. It's just settling in so it's much too early to have an opinion on this one yet.

Doyle Pierce

I used the pollen of Doyle Pierce this summer fairly extensively, as it is one of the color combinations that I am looking for in my seedlings.It has survived two winters in this garden in a fairly protected spot. It's increased well, and is pod and pollen fertile. Late blooming in our zone 5 garden, first blooms opened the first week of August and lasted well into September.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Don Herrell

Brand new in 2007, it did not make any pods.In fact, it only produced a few blooms, and they were a little straggly, so I was not able to get a good picture. But I could tell that the potential was there. The pollen was used and I look forward to these seedlings with great anticipation. I think that this daylily will be an important parent of the blue eyed seedlings that I am hoping for.

Dolly's Lipstick

New in 2007, I did not make any pods on it. It grew in a pot, and was brought in for the winter.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Destined To See

This daylily is another of my absolute favorites! The multi layering of colors within the eye sets off the creamy color of the petals. The edge has a thin wire of sparkling metallic gold. It's a hardy cultivar, and seems to be readily available at garden centres. To top it all off it is pod and pollen fertile. I couldn't ask for anymore:).

Delta Blues

A very pretty cream with purple eye. Another one of my favorite color combinations. Does very well in this zone 5 garden, although is planted in a protective spot.

Darla Anita

This daylily has not done well in my garden. Barely surviving it's first winter, it did not bloom until it's second year. I think it had thrip damage , as all the blooms were mottled and lacking an attractive appearance. This is the best picture I was able to get from it. Darla Anita's offspring often have extremely ruffled golden edges, so I may keep it another year.

Daring Deception

One of my first daylilies to use for hybridizing, it will always have a special place in my heart. Have gotten numerous hardy seedlings from it.

Claudine's Charm

Beautiful daylily with an outstanding charcoal eye.Has not yet been pod fertile for me, however was able to use it's pollen successfully.

Castle Camelot

A hardy deep rose tetraploid, this daylily puts on a wonderful display in the garden.I chose it partly because of it's name, in an attempt to make the flowers seem a little more appealing to smaller family members who think castles and dragons are just too cool!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cherry Valentine

Hardy tetraploid daylily. Older style, with pretty pink color with darker eye.

Bluegrass Music

This is one of my favorite daylilies. Have not yet been brave enough to let it winter outside, as I'm not willing to test it's hardiness in our zone 5 winter. So inside it came, in a pot. It actually bloomed inside, and was able to produce seeds with Destined To See. Looking forward to seeing these seedlings in several years!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Blue Eyes Glance

Gotta love it! Click on picture for closeup of the eye.
One of my favorite color combinations in a daylily, Blue Eyes Glance put on a wonderful show in 2007, and I have crossed it with many of my own seedlings. Look forward to their bloom!

Bali Watercolor

A great spider, it really stands out in the garden. Crossed with Orchid Waterfall it was easily pod fertile.

Autumn Soujourn

New to me last spring, it put on a consistent show with excellent blooms.I also love the intense orange color. Fertile for me.

Angel's Sigh

In my garden for several years, it is growing well in an unprotected spot. I like how the color gets darker towards the edges.It has been easily pod and pollen fertile for me.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Angelic Messenger

A pretty ruffled daylily. Ruffles sometimes get hung up in my zone 5 garden. Barely pod fertile for me after several years in my garden.

Ancient Reflections

Love the eye on this beautiful daylily. Hoping for some beautiful seedlings from it. Hardy in my zone 5 garden.

Friday, March 14, 2008

American Doll

Not as pink as the hybridizer's picture in my own garden- more of a pale yellow for me. New in my garden in 2007. Did not make any pods for me last year, probably because it was settling in. Brought this plant inside this winter to ensure survival.

Alien Contact

I love the color of this flower, a blue eyed pink. It was it's first summer with me in 2007. I couldn't resist making a few pods on it, but found the seeds to be not as firm as I would have liked. Hopefully it was just settling in, and will do better next year.

Alicia Rose Kissed

This daylily has survived 2 winters in my garden. It was very pod fertile for me this year. Love the pale pink coloration!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ada May Musick

Lambertson 2003.Semi evergreen tetraploid daylily. Height-2'10"; Diameter-6.75".

First year in my garden. Easily pod fertile. Love the eye!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Across The Universe

Introduced by Dan Trimmer in 2004.

Height:2'1"; Diameter of bloom:6.5".

An evergreen, ivory infused polychrome above a green throat.

I purchased this daylily because I fell in love with the hybridizer's photo.It bloomed last year for the first time, and although not a lot like the photo I was comparing it to, it was still a beautiful daylily, with consistently large, round, pretty blooms.