Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Daylily: Tet Lavender Blue Baby

This is the parent of some of my favorite newer cultivars. It's a conversion of the diploid daylily Lavender Blue Baby.Although not fertile for me last year, I'm hoping that it will have some fertility this coming summer. It easily passes on it's beautiful purple eye.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Daylily: How Beautiful Heaven Must Be

The name of this daylily says it all. Beautifully ruffled melon pink blend. It bloomed late in my garden, however is still settling in.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Daylily: Patience Of a Saint

Patience Of A Saint has beautiful delicate white blooms. New to me in 2007.Fertile both ways.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Daylily: Orchid Waterfall

This is a beautiful pink spider daylily, which I crossed with another spider, Bali Watercolor, last summer. Looking forward to the results of this cross in a few years.

Daylily: On The Fringe

Another wonderful bonus that I received last year.

Daylily: Omomuki

This beautiful large lemon yellow bloom really stands out in the garden. It's an older variety with wonderful garden presence.Fertile both ways.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Different Faces Of Blue Haired Girl

I'm amazed at the different tones that the camera catches in a daylily. Time of day, lighting sources, and even different blooms can make a subtle or even major difference in the color. It's always good if possible to see your daylily face to face before taking it home. Keep in mind that it may not always look exactly like it does in the photo.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rain Caps For Daylilies

Doyle Pierce

Leslie Renee

Shores Of Time

Moisture is destructive to pollen grains. Pollen should remain dry for at least several hours or more to allow it to travel down through the pistil of the daylily to the ovary. I have dabbed pollen on days when there has been rain in the forcast, and covered the pistils with homemade rain caps of aluminum foil. They work very well, and I've been able to hybridize even on rainy days.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Daylily: Mystical Rainbow

Stamile 1996; Dormant tetraploid.

I love the fluidity in the complex eye zones in some of the daylilies. Mystical Rainbow has a very pretty bloom and eye, and I plan to cross it with similar eyed daylilies (such as Destined To See) to emphasize these fluid characteristics in it's seedlings.

Daylily: Morning Breaks Eternal

Carpenter 2005; evergreen tetraploid.

A pretty daylily planted in 2007,which bloomed in a pot inside the house this fall. Will wait until this summer to check fertility.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dalily: Word Of Honor

Joiner 2003; evergreen tetraploid.

A very pretty pink double daylily. Although pod difficult, I was able to set a pod on it but knocked it off accidentally while walking through the garden. I learned a lesson that day.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

JT Davis

Another view of JT Davis, this time covered with evening mist and a little green friend (click to see).

Daylily: Shores Of Time

Stamile 2003; dormant tetraploid.

I prefer this beautiful hot pink ruffled daylily to it's siblings Leslie Renee and Wren's Song. It's very fertile and late blooming. The only problem it has in my garden is that because it is so late blooming, the seeds sometimes do not have enough time to mature before the weather becomes too cold.

Daylily: Belle Cook

Brooker 2001; semi evergreen tetraploid.

I loved the pictures that I had seen of Belle Cook and purchased it for that reason. Although I enjoyed this daylily,it did not seem to be as ruffled in my garden as in the pictures I had seen. As well it did not survive after it's second year in an unprotected area.I used it's pollen on a more northern hardy plants, so hoping for more northern hardy seedlings.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Daylily: Moment In The Sun

Grace-Smith 2004; semi evergreen tetraploid.

One of my most favorite daylilies, Moment In The Sun displays a large ruffled flower. It has a beautiful chartreuse edge on rebloom, and a wonderful substance. I was not able to set any pods on it this year, but used it's pollen with success.

Daylily: Mildred Mitchell

Mitchell 1998; Evergreen tetraploid.

I love the color and form of this daylily and really like the little ragged edge. Was not able to set any pods, although I believe it may be pod fertile. Used lots of it's pollen in the garden with success:).I'm hoping that one of it's children, Bird Talk, will bloom in my garden this summer.

Daylily: Mayan Tapestry

Rice 2000; semi evergreen tetraploid.

Mayan Tapestry took a couple of seasons to settle into my garden. The blooms were much more consistent the second year. I was able to set some pods on it this summer.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Daylily: Magic Amethyst

Stamile 1996; dormant tetraploid.

This is a pretty ruffled lavender with an appealing eye. I've crossed this daylily with Doyle Pierce this year, and hope to get some wonderful seedlings from it.

Daylily: Louise Lemly

Selman 2005; semi evergreen tetraploid.

A pretty lavender daylily, it has been hardy and fertile in my zone 5 garden.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Daylily: Love For Jesus

Olson 2002; semi evergreen tetraploid.

Love the unique color of this daylily...a rich brown red. This daylily also has a metallic edge and teeth, although only had a few teeth for me in it's first year.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Daylily: Linda Beck

Agin 2005; semi evergreen tetraploid.

A beautiful daylily, new to me in 2007. Wonderful ruffles, and consistent blooms, I really enjoyed it. My fingers are crossed that it will be hardy enough to survive it's first winter. Fertile for me both ways.

Daylily: Leslie Renee

Stamile 2004; semi evergreen tetraploid.

This is a pretty flower, but the I believe that the blooms were vulnerable to thrips in my garden causing discoloration of the flowers. It was hard to get a good picture last year. It has been in my garden for several years, and this was the first year it bloomed, so perhaps another year will make a difference. I have the siblings of this daylily as well...Shores Of Time and Wren's Song. They all offer something special to the garden. Leslie Renee has a chartreuse edge at times, which is a trait that is popular, and one that I enjoy .

Daylily: Laughing Skies

Stamile 2003; evergreen tetraploid.

A very pretty spider that I received as a bonus last year. I love the intense green in the eye. It was pod fertile for me. I know that I should have another waited another year before setting a few pods, but I couldn't resist:).

Daylily: Larry Grace

Salter 1994; semi evergreen tetraploid.

Larry Grace is a pretty ruffled yellow. It's late blooming for me, with blooms into September. Fertile both ways in my garden.

Daylily: Lavender Blue Baby

Carpenter 1996; dormant diploid/ converted tetraploid.

This has been a very popular parent for blue eyed daylilies. This is the diploid version. Dan Trimmer developed a tetraploid conversion, which I have in my garden as well. I'm not sure of the fertility of the conversion in my garden, as I was unsuccessful with pods or pollen in 2007. I love the intense color of this daylily.